Lead a Shaolin Life

Shaolin and Ch'an

Calm the mind and strengthen the body. Achieve stillness through movement .... beyond words, thoughts and intellect.


The mind is the Bodhi tree,
The Bodhi is the mirror stand.
The mirror is originally clean and pure;
Where can it be stained by dust?

Master Hui-Neng - Sixth Patriarch of Chinese C'han (Zen) Buddhism, 638-713AD.

Shaolin Ba Duan Jin
(8-Section Brocade) DVD

Classes at
Oakland Asian Cultural Center

(NEW) Classes at
Shaolin Luohan Institute


Why practice Shaolin Gongfu (Kungfu) or Qigong?

Shaolin gungfu originated as exercises to complement the investigation of one's mind through C'han (Zen) meditation practice. It was originally taught to Buddhist monks at Shaolin Buddhist Monastery in Henan, China 1,500 years ago.

Our classes focus on Shaolin Gong fu fist (quan) forms and Baduanjin (8 section Brocade). Our classes lead the beginner students through warm-up exercises, stretches, and basic shaolin forms. Students learn a variety of fist boxing (quan) forms as well as weaponry such as the shaolin staff.

Shaolin gongfu (kungfu) and qigong exercises are relatively simple to learn, and one begins to feel their subtle yet profound benefits after only a few weeks of practice. We offer the opportunity for you to tap into this ancient art. One should note, however, that the beaufy of these exercises is that it can take a lifetime of daily practice to perfect.

We should also note that although shaolin gongfu (kungfu) may appear like an external art devoid of internal or spiritual origins. However, at its essence, Shaolin qigong and gongfu (kungfu) are exercises that require movements with breath coordination, energy control and mental awareness.

In addition to increasing strength, flexibility and improving posture, when performed daily, these exercises can provide benefits to one's respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive and lymphatic systems. It is said that our mind and original nature are pure and that we, if enabled and guided, can look deeper within to see the nature of how things are. Investigate on a moment-to-moment basis. This is the ultimate goal of a Shaolin life.

Please come to our new school at 1244 23rd Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606

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