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As a student and a father of two students at Shaolin Life, I can’t say enough good things about Master Sheldon, his teaching, and the positive impact that the Shaolin Life community has had on my family. Stop by and check it out. It’s the real deal.

– Jesse K.

Master Sheldon is an excellent teacher who’s sensitive to all his students, super aware, supportive, and authentic. Plus, he has a ton of kung-fu knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm. In the past 9 months I’ve not only witnessed myself become the strongest that I’ve ever been, but I have also grown intellectually. Students don’t feel competitive with each other here; everyone is on their own journey to figure things out. I not only know practical kung-fu application and how to spar, but I also know the history, spirituality, and philosophical context behind each move. I don’t even consider myself a very spiritual person, but this knowledge has definitely helped me grow and it’s given me a profound respect for kung-fu and all the ways it can be applied to my life. It’s such an optimal learning environment and I highly recommend it. Go here! You won’t regret it!

– Ari A


I was really impressed with the teacher Master Sheldon. As someone who has been coached in many sports growing up, I can see how good an instructor he is with one class. He teaches in a progression that makes things easy to learn. He makes technical corrections which I like, but also in a way that doesn’t put any pressure on you. He attends to all the students equally, male and female, and all with respect. As someone new coming in I did not feel self-conscious. I just did a trial class and I had a really good workout feeling. I don’t know if I would be able to attend regularly, because it is far from where I am, but I am considering it. Everyone there was really friendly and supportive. It is a good atmosphere.

– Eden W.