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Moment of Zen with Master Ping Zhen Cheng

Grandmaster Ping Zhen Cheng is a rare lineage carrier of Zen, Tibetan & Taoist systems, he is the founder of Taichizen International, a network of more than 50 centers throughout the US and Asia teaching a modern holistic mind-body integrative system promoting the principles of “Enlightenment Living” utilizing “Taichizen” & “Mingxin Yoga” as tools.

Enhance your internal understanding and awareness with:
Taichizen Fundamentals with Master Ping Zhen Cheng

Taichizen contains a simple 18 mins daily drill that utilizes 5 postures of mind-body-spirit re-alignment in standing, sitting, floor, walking & free styles through utilizing 3 basic vertical energy lines & 7 spiraling loops, one learns to manifest multiple mind-body Mandela figures for the balance & transformation of energy, emotion &consciousness.

Deepen  your Meditation Practice with
Heart of Zen Meditation with Master Ping Zhen Cheng

Meditation and writings of Zen will be taught and practiced, including the classic the “Heart Sutra”. A classical meditation from Tiantai Buddhism-the 6 steps of Breathing Observation will be used as a tool to contemplate the teachings of Zen in the depth of the psych: counting, following, pausing, observing, returning and being. The steps will be taught and practiced in details

Register Online and Save:
Online Before 4/16
One Day: $70
Both Events $140
Online after 4/17
One Day:  $90
Both Events $160Register at Event – $100 each day