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Kung Fu

Kung Fu


Focus, Intent, Empowerment

Getting Started

To get started in your training of Kung Fu the most important part is mind set. Think about why the training is important to you or your family and what you want to gain from it.  Signing up is easy however “Kung Fu” means “Hard Work and Supreme Skill Through Time and Effort”. Kung Fu only requires commitment to yourself, the art and the process, if you have that we will help you with the rest.

What will I Learn?

Students learn traditional Shaolin Kung Fu boxing forms, Mind Body Coordination, Self Defense and Weapon Training as well as Zen Philosophy. Kung Fu training begins with stance work that is broken down into patterns. These patterns repeat through all of the training and build into complex forms and self defense methods. We teach you how to identify, perform and refine  these patterns and use them in a martial context.


What should I Wear?

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes you would wear to any kind of work out class.

Where and When Can I get a Uniform?

After you have signed up for a package we will place the order for the uniform

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