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Maui Qi Fest

2017  was an amazing Qi Fest. The growth, learning, and awareness of this event were off the chart. We learned traditional Chinese medical concepts and Qigong with fun dance and songs from Dr. Love. We learned complex rhythms and movements of Indian Odissi dance and the connections to Kung Fu, Qigong. We explored Shaolin Kung Fu and its energetic principles and forms. We flowed with Tai Chi Movements and push-hands exercises. Don’t miss next years event

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Why I love Kung Fu

Some times the question of why I love Kung Fu so much surfaces (when I say “Kung Fu” I include Meditation Qigong and Taiji). Physicality with depth of consciousness makes it more then exercise. There is a spirit of connection to the past, present, and future, internal and external when taking up a practice with ancient wisdom like Kung Fu. This is true of many activities like dance, and in a way this is dance, the dance of the warrior scholar. It feels to have no bottom and no top but yet feels complete. For me it is an investigation into the self and the universe and is not the answer it is the question. I am thankful for this practice and thankful to share it with others.
– Blessings

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New Pricing Options

We have exciting new pricing options that encourage commitment to your study and allow you to save money.

We are excited to now offer 3/mo, 6/mo, and 1/year Autopay passes. You will be billed monthly just like before but with a discount for your committed time. In addition because it is set to auto you don’t have to worry about when to pay our system takes care of that auto magically.

Save $5 per active student you refer to the temple. Pack the house and study for free! 😉

Check our pricing page for more details