Shaolin Life Curriculum

Kung Fu:
Our Curriculum consists of forms and concepts from the Song Shan Shaolin Temple, Northern Long Fist and Northern Shaolin Systems. This gives the student a well rounded and solid foundation in the systems and patterns that govern Shaolin Martial Arts. We also focus on practical Self Defense and Empowerment, giving students a vocabulary of movement that becomes second nature to address inner and outer conflict.

Our Qigong is focused on the regulation of the breathing, the internal health and strength of the organs, flexibility and mobility of the joints ligaments and tendons. We teach a variety of methods from Shaolin, Wu Dang, and Tibet.

Other Resources:
Our students receive access to an online portal of detailed curriculum, videos, and have a online journal to track their progress through our courses.

We also offer On-Demand courses through our parent organization the Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies