Lead a Shaolin Life

Shaolin and Ch'an

Calm the mind and strengthen the body. Achieve stillness through movement .... beyond words, thoughts and intellect.

Master Shi Guo Song


The mind is the Bodhi tree,
The Bodhi is the mirror stand.
The mirror is originally clean and pure;
Where can it be stained by dust?

Master Hui-Neng - Sixth Patriarch of Chinese C'han (Zen) Buddhism, 638-713AD.

Shaolin Ba Duan Jin
(8-Section Brocade) DVD

Classes at
Oakland Asian Cultural Center

(NEW) Classes at
Shaolin Luohan Institute



Space Rentals

The Shaolin Luohan Institute has 2 amazing rooms available for your next event, class or seminar. Luohan Hall Multipurpose Room
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Pushing for Peace Workshops

The workshop begins with an explanation of Chinese Taoist philosophy, made simple enough for a four year old to grasp. Participation from each student begins with easy, basic questions and answers. Because "Tai Chi originates in the mind," a thoughtful, reflective tone is set for the rest of the training.

Group, qigong meditation is next, which cleanses the mind and relaxes the body.

Then the participants warm up their bodies systematically, from top to bottom, encouraging the "flow of qi" throughout. Repetitions are cut by one-third for younger children. They can use up their attention span on the warm-ups if made too lengthy, and will need to concentrate on the games, which are the core of this training.

These Workshops are great for:

  • Children of all ages
  • Adults who want to understand what Tai Chi means and feels like without learning whole forms
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Differently-Abled People
  • Adults who want to encourage creative teamwork and cooperative higher functioning
  • Tai Chi teachers who want to launch a children's program
  • People with PTSD, Blindness, MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, paralysis, pain, anxiety, depression, anger and fear
  • Actors who seek more stage presence, voice projection, connection with other players and the audience
  • Artists, writers, musicians, etc ... who need to clear the channels so creative juices can flow
  • A workshop can be as short as one and a half hours and as long as a weekend.

After School Programs

9-week beginning Shaolin Kung Fu class to your after school program. In this program students gain a basic yet proficient understanding of Kung Fu forms and exercises. The program commences with students being taught concepts and forms and completes with the students demonstrating what learn from the class. All demoing students will receive a certificate of completion.

Want Shaolin Kung Fu at your after school program Contact us at institute@shaolinlife.org

Damo Scholars Program


The Shaolin Buddhist Temple and Education Foundation is offering sports scholarships to Oakland youth. This scholarship covers 1 month of tuition at the Shaolin Luohan Institute. Here Our "Damo Scholars" will learn Kung Fu and Meditation for building introspection, awareness, self discipline, confidence and physical fitness. 5 local Oakland residents ages 6 - 17 are eligible to apply.



Support our underserved bay area youth and community by contributing to our Damo Scholars scholarship fund. This program will provide a 1 months tuition at the Shaolin Luohan Institute for 5 students 6 - 17 to learn Kung Fu and Meditation building introspection, awareness, self discipline, confidence and physical fitness.