Maui Qi Fest

2017  was an amazing Qi Fest. The growth, learning, and awareness of this event were off the chart. We learned traditional Chinese medical concepts and Qigong with fun dance and songs from Dr. Love. We learned complex rhythms and movements of Indian Odissi dance and the connections to Kung Fu, Qigong. We explored Shaolin Kung Fu and its energetic principles and forms. We flowed with Tai Chi Movements and push-hands exercises. Don’t miss next years event

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New Shaolin Life App

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New Shaolin Life Logo

We are proud to announce our new Shaolin Life Logo. We have had subtle iterations over the last several years but after a long process and branding exercise for not only Shaolin life but our parent organization Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies. Today we reveal both logos.  With out further ado…



Sounds of Serenity

Master Xu Xing and Master Sheldon put together this meditative video on Buddhist chanting. Get some tea and sit in a quiet place and enjoy this slow relaxing presentation.

Focus, Presents and Kung Fu

There is lots to do but it is not possible to do them all at once. In Kung Fu we are forced to give full focus to the move at hand and slowly build skills so that our minds are free to address the now of a situation. The system pre engineers options based off past experience so that we may choose to retreat, neutralize or complete.

I am beginning to apply this to other aspects of life, focusing on building skill through time and hard work, use past experience to engineer a natural system of optional responses,  stay present and with that feedback retreat, neutralize or complete then repeat what was just done.

New Qigong Flexibility Class


(Chinese Yoga)
$60 per month
  • 1 class/week
  • Flexibility

This class focuses on improving flexibility, range of motion, and balance at any level. Whether you’re looking to stretch out after a good Kung Fu class or are trying to get deepen your splits. We utilize active, dynamic, static and isometric stretches from kung fu/qigong, yoga, dance, and gymnastics approaches.

Class are held on Thursdays @ 7:30 – 8:30pm

Moment of Zen with Master Ping Zhen Cheng

Grandmaster Ping Zhen Cheng is a rare lineage carrier of Zen, Tibetan & Taoist systems, he is the founder of Taichizen International, a network of more than 50 centers throughout the US and Asia teaching a modern holistic mind-body integrative system promoting the principles of “Enlightenment Living” utilizing “Taichizen” & “Mingxin Yoga” as tools.

Enhance your internal understanding and awareness with:
Taichizen Fundamentals with Master Ping Zhen Cheng

Taichizen contains a simple 18 mins daily drill that utilizes 5 postures of mind-body-spirit re-alignment in standing, sitting, floor, walking & free styles through utilizing 3 basic vertical energy lines & 7 spiraling loops, one learns to manifest multiple mind-body Mandela figures for the balance & transformation of energy, emotion &consciousness.

Deepen  your Meditation Practice with
Heart of Zen Meditation with Master Ping Zhen Cheng

Meditation and writings of Zen will be taught and practiced, including the classic the “Heart Sutra”. A classical meditation from Tiantai Buddhism-the 6 steps of Breathing Observation will be used as a tool to contemplate the teachings of Zen in the depth of the psych: counting, following, pausing, observing, returning and being. The steps will be taught and practiced in details

Register Online and Save:
Online Before 4/16
One Day: $70
Both Events $140
Online after 4/17
One Day:  $90
Both Events $160Register at Event – $100 each day

Sun of Shaolin with Shaolin Brothers

Sun of Shaolin with Shaolin Monks

Sun of Shaolin with Shaolin Monks

Master Yan Xing | Sun of Shaolin with Shaolin Monks

Master Wang Bo | Sun of Shaolin with Shaolin Monks

John T Chang and Sun of Shaolin | Sun of Shaolin with Shaolin Monks


Your Higher Self

You will learn nothing from Meditation, Kung fu, Qigong, Taiji ect… if you do not access your higher self in all you do. These arts are empty it is you that is full. Pour the true you in to these arts and do not wait for these arts to reveal the true you.